SLATE Program Registration: Stage 1

All students wishing to earn a graduate concentration in SLATE (Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education) in addition to the Ph.D. earned in their home department should complete this form and submit it to the SLATE program during their first semester on campus, or as soon thereafter as possible. Please fill out all applicable fields when registering, including academic interests.

SLATE Program Registration: Stage 2

Please complete this form when you are about to start writing the dissertation

Petition for Course Substitution or Waiver of Requirement

Students may petition to waive a SLATE requirement if they believe that a different course taken at UIUC or elsewhere is equivalent to, or more advanced than, a course required by the SLATE program. Please note that no more than two courses can be transferred from other institutions to meet the SLATE requirements.

Add the SLATE Concentration - Petition to the Graduate College

You must add the SLATE Graduate Concentration on your Academic Record BEFORE YOU DEPOSIT your dissertation. The steps are described here.