There are three required components to complete the graduate concentration in SLATE: i) 28 hours of graduate coursework, ii) second language competence, and iii) a dissertation topic related to SLA and/or teacher education. Each component is described below.

How can I fulfill both the SLATE requirements and the requirements of my Ph.D. program?

The SLATE program is designed to meet the individual needs of its students. The course requirements in the affiliated units are generally flexible and allow students the freedom to conduct work in specialized subfields tailored to their academic interests in second/foreign language acquisition.


I. Required SLATE Coursework

28 hours of graduate coursework, as described below:


II. Second Language Learning Experience

In order to earn the graduate concentration in SLATE, students must demonstrate competence in a second language. For native English speakers, a "second language" can be the second language of research/teaching, or, for those concentrating on ESL as the subject of research and teaching, any second language. For non-native speakers, the proficiency in English that is required for admission is considered more than adequate to fulfill this requirement. This requirement is designed to ensure the full appreciation and understanding of what it means to experience the learning of a second language. Second language competence is assessed in a variety of ways, to be determined by the student's advisor.

III. Dissertation Topic

SLATE students need to complete a web page form at the time they are setting up their dissertation committee. One or more SLATE faculty member(s) must be on the dissertation committee.

The dissertation must contain a portion that relates the dissertation to SLA and/or Teacher Education (this must not be ancillary to the dissertation, like an appendix or preface, but could be part of a conclusion or other part of the body of the text).The affiliated SLATE faculty member(s) must work with the student to ensure that the content is well situated in the dissertation and is to their satisfaction.



Steps for completing the Concentration BEFORE YOU DEPOSIT


Graduate College Online Petition 

How to Add SLATE as a Graduate Concentration on Your Academic Record


Please go to and click the link to access the Graduate Student Petition/Record Request form. 

1.      Enter your NetID.

2.      Enter your AD password.

3.      A petition form will appear.  Enter your UIN.  All fields will auto-populate.

4.      Check the box next to “Add/drop minor or concentration”.

5.      In the box enter your request and an explanation for the request. 

At a minimum, indicate that you wish to add the SLATE graduate concentration (code 5367) to your record.

6.      Click the Submit button.

7.      The petition will be routed to SLATE for approval.