The SLATE Program is an interdisciplinary clearinghouse for faculty and graduate students interested in second language acquisition, teaching and use, and in bilingualism (broadly conceived). The Program involves the expertise of faculty from doctoral degree-granting academic department and is committed to making students aware of interdisciplinary scholarship, theoretical paradigms, and different research methods in second language studies. This multidisciplinary exposure to ideas and frameworks in second language studies can only be offered by combining resources and expertise from different units into a common program.

Interested students (in all degree programs, including M.A. programs) are encouraged to attend SLATE lectures, workshops, and events to further their interests in second language acquisition and related fields. However, only Ph.D. students in one of the affiliated Ph.D. programs are eligible to pursue a graduate concentration in SLATE.

Can I apply to SLATE?

You can apply to SLATE if:

You are already a student at UIUC.

You are currently a Ph.D. student in one of the affiliated Ph.D. programs.

What is the SLATE Graduate Concentration?

The graduate concentration requires a formal program of study, consisting of 28 hours of graduate coursework, demonstrated second language competence, and a dissertation topic related to second language studies.

The SLATE graduate concentration is offered in conjunction with existing degrees at the doctoral level only. Since this is not a separate degree program, students must be accepted for graduate study by a major department and fulfill all the requirements for their major degree.


How do I get the SLATE credential? Is it automatic?

Like any other graduate concentration, the SLATE graduate concentration must be officially added to your academic file. Only then will it appear on your Illinois transcript. See the SLATE requirements or the steps described below for details.

You must add the concentration to your academic file before depositing your dissertation, by means of an online petition to the Graduate College. Follow the steps below:

  • Enter your NetID.
  • Enter your AD password.
  • A petition form will appear. Enter your UIN. All fields will auto-populate.
  • Check the box next to “Add/drop minor or concentration”.
  • In the box enter your request and an explanation for the request. At a minimum, indicate that you wish to add the SLATE graduate concentration (code 5367) to your record.
  • Click the Submit button. The petition will be routed to SLATE for approval.