Coursework Requirements

As a prerequisite for slate, students must complete or demonstrate equivalent knowledge by means of a petition for Ling 400/300 introduction to linguistic structure. The petition for ling 400 can generally be completed by asking to have a more advanced linguistics course or course from the 'linguistics/language structure' list count instead of ling 400.  Please see notes 5 and 6 below.

Students in the SLATE certificate program are required to take the following courses, distributed across four areas as follows.

NOTE: The course numbers to the right of “ / ” represent numbers under the old course rubric prior to Fall 2004.

Please note the following:

  1. For courses marked with an asterisk (*), only some sections satisfy SLATE requirements. Prior to early registration each semester, the SLATE Executive Committee will issue a list of the specific sections being offered the following semester that will count toward satisfying SLATE course requirements.
  2. Courses applying toward fulfillment of the SLATE course requirements must be taken for a minimum of 3 GRADUATE credit hours.
  3. Of the courses required for the SLATE certificate, at least four (4) must be at the 500-level.
  4. A single course may count toward only one requirement. For instance, LING 550/450: Sociolinguistics II could fulfill either the Psycholinguistics/Sociolinguistics requirement OR be counted as one of the courses toward the Linguistics/Language Structure requirement, but not both.
  5. A student may petition the SLATE Executive Committee to have courses taken elsewhere accepted as equivalents for any of the UIUC courses on the list. At least 5 of the required courses must be taken in residence at UIUC. Instructions for the petition may be found here
  6. A student may fill out a petition if s/he believes that a course s/he has taken that is not included in the list for a given category could be substituted for one that is on the list. Instructions for the petition may be found here.